Lighting Monster House

Sony Imageworks, Culver City, CA Jan 2005 – Apr 2006

Texture and Lighting Artist

Monster House (Feature Film)

  • Creating textures for interior Living Room and all props in room and exterior of main character’s house, other houses in Neighborhood
  • Props, Basketball, vacuum dummy mask gets run over in driveway.
  • Painted all the fences in the Neighborhood.
  • Lighting and compositing
  • First show at Sony to use Arnold to render.
  • Lighting shots were in different parts of the movie.
  • Bones pulling stuffing out of DJ’s bunny.
  • Chowder plugging in the vacuum dummy.
  • Kids talking to police near police car.
  • Kids in the basement of the house with flash lights and water guns.
  • Kids in room looking through telescope to see Jenny walking with wagon towards house.