John Hart

5133 Milne Dr, Torrance, CA 90505

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Award winning lead digital artist with over 17 years of experience in character and hard surface textures, lighting and matte painting for feature films and commercials.   Supervisory experience with multi-national teams.

 Visual Effects Society Award

Outstanding Created Environment in a Live Action Motion Picture for Spider-Man 2: New York City Street Night


Mari, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop, Body Paint, Maya, Houdini, Nuke, V-Ray, Arnold, Mantra


Professional Experience                                                                                                                                                                        

Method Studios     September 2016 – November 2017


Painted textures for Target Holiday spots, Farmers Insurance “Moose”, “Octopus”, and special projects.


Mirada,Method Studios, MPC, Rhythm & Hues  September 2015- August 2016

Texture for commercials, and TV.  Game of Thrones and Walking Dead.


FUHU inc     October 2014-August 2015


Rhythm & Hues     December 2010 – March 2013 

Texture/Lighting Artist

Black Sky (Feature Film) 2013

  • Lead Texture Artist (Supervised 4 Artists in India and 2 Artists in Los Angeles)
  • Environment textures  (Barn, house, car dealership, trucks, school hall way, props)
  • Digital Double

R.I.P.D. (Feature Film) 2013

  • Environment textures (Evidence Room) Props(Orb, street sweeper, plane)

Hunger Games (Feature Film) 2012

  • Environment textures (Dam, train, and track for entry to city, City parade route Day time)

Snow White and the Huntsman (Feature Film) 2012

  • Character textures (White Stag) and environment textures (Enchanted Forest)

Chronicle (Feature Film) 2012

  • Prop textures

Alvin and the Chipmunks, Chipwrecked (Feature Film) 2011

  • Textured character wardrobe and props

Hop (Feature Film) 2011

  • Scene Lighting for factory and hangar in night scenes


Asylum     November 2006 – November 2010                                                                                     Lead Texture Artist

  • Textured props, backgrounds and animated characters for commercials and feature film

Unstoppable (Feature Film) 2010

  • Painted CG train and refinery

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Feature Film) 2010

  • Textured Ring Dragon, CG replacement hand on Horvath and CG automobiles

The Taking of Pelham 123 (Feature Film) 2009

  • Textured subway car, undercarriage replacement for live-action car

Terminator Salvation (Feature Film) 2009

  • Painted T600 robot and Marcus’ chest and head damage

The Unborn (Feature Film) 2009

  • Painted vein maps to be used by compositors for character transformations

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Feature Film) 2008

  • Painted submarine and background tugboat textures

National Treasure: Book of Secrets (Feature Film) 2007

  • Painted city of gold and gold statue replacement
  • Matte paintings for various backgrounds


Zoic, Radium, Yu& co,     June 2006 – November 2006

Freelance Texture Artist

  • Created textures for commercials and feature film



Rhythm & Hues Studios, Los Angeles, CA     April 2006 – June 2006

Texture Artist

Night at the Museum (Feature Film)

  • Textured diorama people and props

Sony Imageworks, Culver City, CA     January 2005 – April 2006

Texture and Lighting Artist

Monster House (Feature Film)

  • Creating textures for interior and exterior of main character’s house, other houses and interior props
  • Lighting and compositing

Rhythm & Hues Studios, Los Angeles, CA     September 2004 – January 2005

Texture Artist

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Feature Film)

  • Textured weapons

Sony Imageworks, Culver City, CA     November 2002 – June 2004

Texture Artist

Spider-man 2 (Feature Film)

  • Created textures for New York buildings, streets, sidewalks, subway train, tracks and supports, fusion      machine, fire truck, cars, end of train track stopper
  • VES Award, Outstanding Created Environment in a Live Action Picture


Digital Domain, Venice, CA     December 1999 – August 2002

Texture Artist/Matte Painter

Star Trek (Feature Film)

  • Created damaged textures for Enterprise
  • Painted textures for space dock

XXX (Feature Film)

  • Created textures for the Ahab submarine
  • Textured CG Character for shots with the Ahab submarine
  • Made snowboard suit used for the CG character in the avalanche shots

Time Machine (Feature Film)

  • Created textures for the greenhouse glass, wooden boxes and dirt textures for the greenhouse framework
  • Produced clean plate of garage so that desks and workbenches could be removed over time-lapsed shot
  • Painted all furniture out of room for live action plate of time machine
  • Textured background including street, buildings and cars

The Grinch (Feature Film)

  • Painted matte painting of the Grinch’s mountain with snow-covered trees

Storm Rider (Project for Disney Japan Theme Park)

  • Created two 4k matte paintings, an interior of a hanger and a sky at sunset

X-Men (Feature Film)

  • Textured suit, face and hair for Wolverine character
  • Created skin, face, and vein textures for Senator Kelly’s death

Motorola (Commercial)

  • Created photo-real textures for CG woman

Centropolis Effects, Culver City, CA     January 1998 – November 1999

Texture and Lighting Artist/Animator

Stuart Little (Feature Film)

  • Used UV projection tool to create textures from clean plate
  • Rendered beauty pass, mattes, whiskers, and fur pass

Unglued (Feature Film)

  • Conceptualized shot used in introduction to movie

The Faculty (Feature Film)

  • Established Lighting of creature to match to live-action plates

Godzilla (Feature Film)

  • Created polygons from Godzilla animation for effects shots
  • Set up lighting for Godzilla
  • Modeled geometry used to create lighting effects
  • Tracked spotlights to background plate for volumetric pass
  • Transferred animation from the low-resolution animation model to the high-resolution model for rendering
  • Rendered (Iridescent, Constant, Wet, Z-Depth, Shadow, Red, Green, Blue and Volumetric) passes of Godzilla, bridge cables and the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Animated bridge cables using dynamic simulation in Softimage

Digital Domain, Venice, CA     April 1996 – August 1997

Texture Artist

Titanic (Feature Film)

  • Created textures for clothing of Rose, Captain Smith, First Officer Murdoch, a little girl passenger and the digital crew
  • Developed textures for face and head map of Rose, Captain Smith, First Officer Murdoch and other passengers
  • Textured life vests on passengers
  • Modeled and textured lifeboats
  • Set up lighting to be used in Renderman renders
  • Worked on integration team of render pipeline
  • Created scripts for Renderman
  • Rendered computer generated characters and lifeboats

Texture Artist/Modeler

  • Modeled and textured geometry of game levels


University of California, Santa Cruz                                                                                          June 1994

  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art